Beth Shifra Passover Miracles

K’Ha LAchma Anya There are two traditions of how the Passover Haggadah begins: Ha Lachma Anya (This is the bread of affliction) or K’Ha Lachma Anya (this is like the bread of affliction) – a seemingly insignificant issue of semantics and style, yet the Maggid (Teacher) of Dubno unearths a profound treasure in this extra letter with the following parable. A destitute man struggled his way from rags to riches. In order for his family to remember their humble beginnings and to feel grateful for their lot he would gather them for an annual reenactment of their paucity, and exclaim “This is like the meal of our poverty”. Unfortunately, the wheel of fortune turned on him again and before long he was destitute. Nevertheless, he continued his annual gathering to maintain family solidarity and their faith that as Hashem had never abandoned them in the past, so He would not now and that His blessings would surely return, only this time in recounting the story he would exclaim “This IS the meal of our poverty”.

The Passover experience of enslavement and poverty to freedom and comfort is a sacred drama we Jews cherish and bequeath to our loved ones. Unfortunately, too many of our brethren identify more acutely with the sad beginning than the happy ending; for too many of us the appropriate text opens with “This IS the bread of affliction”. Passover is an especially challenging time for those lacking means or a warm place to be.

Hashem created the world with light and darkness, with have’s and have not’s, and we all attain true freedom and blessing when we unite in collective responsibility and caring. For over four decades Beth Shifra has done its best to shoulder responsibility in caring for our fellow Jew, whether his need be financial or social, physical or spiritual. Needless to say this is no small burden, and we rely heavily, if not completely, on the efforts and generosity of our community. If you appreciate our work, please help us continue and expand our services, with donations, volunteering, procuring food supplies, advertizing, or anything you imagine may help. Our information line 718-449-1397  and donation address Beth Shifra P.O. Box 700 Brooklyn, NY11229 and find us on the web at

Beth Shifra has serviced many communities starting off in Brighton Beach, moving to Boro Park,   than Jewish Centre of Bensonhurst (a wheelchair accessible location)  and now at our ever popular location 2102 ave T.

Many hours are dedicated to ensure that those in need know about our free Sedarim, free lunches and dinners for the entire holiday, as well as for the free lectures and free singles event, and for the massive free food distribution on the eve of the festival.
Many thanks are in order for making Passover so joyous and memorable, firstly to the community for generously opening their premises to Beth Shifra, as well as helping find accommodations for those in need, and in particular to the Rabbi and his congregation for arranging things as well as delivering a remarkable lecture. We are grateful to the Jewish Press, Faigy at the Algemeiner, Zev Brenner, Country Yossi and Dcd Interactive Marketing for helping to publicize our work. We also want to thank our volunteers that helped package and disseminated them as well as Gregory, Faigie, Sandra, Frankie, Howie and Mendel. The Sorcer family helped tremendously in distributing the food, and Simone was a right-hand-man from beginning to end. We also thank Mitnadvim (718-636-2384) donations of appliances, Sarah from and our suppliers: Manishevitz, Kedem Wines,Gold’s, Streit’s Matzah Co,  Rabbi Lebovic of GoKosher, Rabbi Hettelman, Benny & Shlomo from the Previous Globex Kosher Foods, BaTempte, Redi Record, RiteLite Toys, Pomegranate, Quality Frozen Foods, Paperific on 38th and Met Council.

As you see such a wonderful production rests on the generosity of others, so please find a way to help us continue taking responsibility in caring for our People and let our merits find us next year in rebuilt Jerusalem!