PASSOVER AT BETH SHIFRA: A Festival to Remember  

           We have passed over the festival of matzos once again and with the help of Beth Shifra and the generous contributors and dedicated staff,  hundreds of people who otherwise would have had no Seder and no holiday have great pesach memories – some for the first time in their whole lives. Since 1970,  Beth Shifra, Brooklyn-based organization have made it our mission help those of the New York Jewish community, who need help the most: poor people (and there are many), new immigrants, elderly people, shut-ins and just plain, ordinary people who otherwise might have little or unfortunately  no connection more than we often realize with Yiddishkeit. “It was absolutely we were able to serve hot meals and give food packages to very person that came everyone was served with a smile, and at no cost to them. We turned away no one!” with a great many people showing up for the sedars each night at  Beth Shifra’s  Pesach headquarters, 2102 ave T, in Brooklyn.

Rabbi Prussman said a long list of people deserve a big hakoras hatov for making Beth Shifra’s Pesach as successful as it was. Certainly, right near the top of the list is the management of the shul, Rabbi and his congregants get a big yasher koach” , said Rabbi Prussman. We thank the  lecturers who embraced our participants with their inspired insights. We are grateful to the Jewish Press, TV Views,Faigy at the Algemeiner, Zev Brenner, Country Yossi and Dcd Interactive Marketing for helping to publicize our work. We also want to thank our volunteers that helped package and disseminated them as well as Gregory, Faigie, Sandra, Frankie, Daniel, Howie and Mendel. The Sorcer family helped tremendously in distributing the food, and Simone was a right-hand-man from beginning to end. We also thank, Mitnadvim (718-636-2384) donations of appliances,   and our suppliers: Manishevitz, Kedem Wines, Gold’s, Streit’s Matzah Co, Rabbi Lebovic of GoKosher, Rabbi Hettelman, Benny – Globex Kosher Foods, BaTampte, Klein’s Ice Cream, Redi Record, RiteLite Toys, Gefen foods, Pomegranate, Quality Frozen Foods, Paperific on 38th and Met Council.

Everything was so clean, every inch of the refrigerator and the ovens were immaculate.”

Once the kitchen was prepared and the food was in place, the cook cooked all of the food. “ We cook close to the holiday till erev pesach”.

While the kitchen is  kashered and food and wine was being brought in to prepare for the holiday, other preparations were under way as well.  A major task was getting the word out to New Yorks’ large and diverse Jewish community that there was a place where they could come and eat for the holiday – and it wouldn’t cost them a dime. Beth Shifra sent out notices and paid advertisements about the upcoming Sedars and food distribution in Russian, Yiddish and English newspapers. Editor Ari Kagan from the Russian – language newspaper covered the Russian front and had it sent to a number of other Russian papers.; four Yiddish newspapers – Rabbi and Rebbitzen Friedman’s papers. The Title as well as Der Yid, The Blatt and the Algeimeiner  Journal; six  English newspapers – Country Yossi Family Magazine, TV Views, The Connections,  Jewish Press,  The twenties and Thirties and Hamodia. Colonial Records who cooperated with us in modifying our many different flyers designated for our different audiences: singles program, kiruv, families, various languages and kids programming.  10,000 Beth Shifra Russian/ English flyers were distributed in neighborhoods close to our function distributed by Dcd Interactive Marketing-Reuven. Two radio shows: Country Yossi and Zev Brenner

Please DO YOUR PART to help Beth Shifra pay for Passover and continue to serve our community year round, with a tax-deductible contribution: Beth Shifra, c/o 1719 Avenue P, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11229. Beth Shifra, P.O. Box 700, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11229

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We are pleased to announce that this site has had hits of up to  36,474 March and 29,283  April! Every year it is different. Beth Shifra’s activities on behalf of New York’s Jewish community have been endorsed by many gedolim, other prominent rabbis and numerous community leaders. All these good times,  kindness and  mitzvas don’t happen by themselves. In addition to the inspiring donations of supplies and manpower, many expenses accrue on the way to the promised land. We cannot continue our indispensable services without your generous contribution. Please Contact Us Now for your support and in these merits may we be blessed to have the upcoming Pesach in Jerusalem