What does it mean God is good?


Rabbi Berel Wein’s Video on Jewish History ****

Where is the Western Wall? (kotelcam)

Beth Shifra’s High Holiday Links

Jewish Music- J.Richman

Religions and their origins

Credibility( soon)

Oral Tradition (soon)

Pre-History (soon)

Dates of Jewish Historical Significance (soon)

Biblical History (soon)

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Kids Page: Jewish Story Time:Multimedia:Comics

Sabbath Candles (video)

What is a Mezuzah | Watch a video to see how to attach it

Tefillin A Bonding story

By Speaker: Free Video and Audio Shiurim

Free Video and Audio Shiurim

Parsha Page

Bris Circumcision What is it?(Chabad)

Find a Read Hebrew America/Canda Class

What is kosher?

Jewish Wedding

The Stages of Mourning

Have a Question Ask a Rabbi Great Questions and Answers Rabbi Zev Leff

Thought Provoking Web Site *Highly Recommended–Aish

Newsletters and Seminars all over the world= Aish Hatorah

Audio Video Questions very interesting === Torah from Dixie

What is Shabbos? – Interactive CD -Rom = NJOP


Marriage and Harmony -Does Judaism have the answer?You Decide!Love and Friendship

How does the mikvah play a role on a healthy marriage

Self paced classes –Great classes pay as you go

We are suggesting the above sites for they are reputible but you the viewer must determine if it is appropriate for your level. We put this up for what we see presently and things may change. It is up to you the viewer to make the final decision on what is appropriate.

Hatzlacha and May this help you in your persuit to be a great Jew.