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Rosh Hashanah

Kids: Rosh Hashanah

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           Yom Kippur                

Kids: Yom Kippur

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Kids: Sukkot


Shemini Atzeretm, Hoshana Rabbah and Simchat Torah

Kids: Simchat Torah


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Candle Lighting Times

Good news! This Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur, approximately 2 million American Jews will attend High Holiday Services. Unfortunately, you may not be one of them… Why? Is it because…

  • You do not understand the prayers
  • Although highly educated and sophisticated you feel inadequate and illiterate in a synagogue setting
  • The sermons do not speak to you
  • The rituals make you feel awkward
  • Frequently, you leave the synagogue feeling more guilty than before you came – so, it’s no wonder why you rarely come in, let alone come back !!

With this in mind, the National Jewish Outreach Program has designed a special “High Holiday Beginners Service” for you! Call NJOP Call 1-800-44-Torah to find a location near you