Beth Shifra has run many functions for seniors. We have had our Hebrew school students visit nursing homes and other sisterhood events in various communities. They sang songs at community functions comprised of mainly senior citizens. They would invite them for holiday gatherings.

We have seen over time that more and more grand parents are stepping in to care for their grand children. It is the grand parents that are calling us and trying to find out what community events their grand children can participate in. When we have our holiday parties it is usually the grand parents that are bringing them to these celebrations.

Their are many services that seniors can take advantage of in their community for themselves. Their are many local synagogues that run buddy programs that will pair you up with a fellow senior or a college student. They will take you shopping and look in on you from time to time via a phone call. Their are many senior centers that will take you on trips around town to museums and other kinds of outings.

Their are also special discounts for seniors:

  • Mass transit
  • buses and trains
  • Utilities
  • gas bills
  • Helpful Links

Consumer Protection and Disabilities many other helpful links please click below :

Elder Justice!

(awaiting more links)

If you are unable to walk to a bus due to a handicapp- their are special numbers to contact that will assist you .

Their are also many senior centers that you could attend.

Why attend a senior center?

Nurses come to assist with questions
Social workers offer guidance and support
Events for Seniors on discount prices
Events for Seniors

Summer Time is a great time for concerts held for free at the parks
Libraries offer different events
reading groups
guest speakers
Help to assist the ESL populations in the community
Book Stores
guest speakers and round table discussions
Schools (May ask you to go through a screening process)
Call up your local Hebrew School, Yeshiva, Public School and Recreation Center, Y
Assist teachers with new immigrant populations
Read with the children story books
Pass out food in the lunch room
Talk with New parents
Serve as Role models to students
Offer advice of how to find after- school jobs
Work in the office
Visit people
Participate in classes such as Torah Discussions.
Offer assistance with sister hood meetings.
Get involved with their matchmaking groups
Their are many seniors who also want to find a match:
widows, divorce and single never married.
Look at the Calander Of events for your synogague, retirement group’s newsletter
Newspapers advertise for assistance on covering news stories:
Volunteer to write an article on an issue that concern you and the community.
Take a class at your community college either for credit or as a continuing education student.


Things to do with your grand children on a computer: links

These sites are all ESL Friendly Don’t worry… They are easy to use

Click on sites:

Web site to work with children on: Read stories etc…

Tongue Twisters..lots of fun and jokes





Go to the library and take out a few books to read to them when they return from school.

Many libraries cover a variety of books: Hebrew, Russian and Yiddish just to name a few languages that have been seen. Their are many more to choose from at diff. libraries.

Call them up before you visit to find out what special event is happening.
Take them to the community park near your house.

Go on a walk around the community look at the trees, flowers, cars, houses and buildings.

notice the flags on their doors. Count them..
notice the colors of the houses. How many are green? Blue? etc…
See if you can find a mezuzah on the door as you are passing it. Is it big is it small?