Beth Shifra was started to help those unaffiliated with an education. Many years have passed and we have continued to work hard for the Jewish community.  A pressing issue for many were those that didn’t have family, friends or even a place to attend a seder.

Many people that don’t have family find it hard to approach an upcoming holiday. Especially a holiday filled with many laws and customs. Passover is also a very expensive holiday. Passover food has to be prepared without bread. Many people who are by themselves find it hard to cook so much food at once.  A pressing issue for many were those that didn’t have family and were lonely over a Passover holiday that  stretches out longer than a week.

Seniors especially want to have a nice meal prepared for them without the pressure of both the cleaning and expense.   Many community members expressed their hardships in trying to find lonely people a place to eat all of the meals. On the holiday of Pesach, it is a custom to invite those that don’t have.

The festival of matzos is a joyous time in thanks to the help of Beth Shifra and the generous contributors and dedicated staff.

Hundreds of people who otherwise would have no place to go without an invitation from family and friends enjoy a full program all free of charge.  We offer Passover packages, meals, and lectures. We also have a program dedicated to families that may not have extended families. Also a singles program dedicated to finding ones’ Jewish soulmate.

Since 1970,  Beth Shifra, Brooklyn-based organization have made it their mission to help those of the New York Jewish community, who need help the most: poor people (and there are many), new immigrants, elderly people, shut-ins and just plain, ordinary people who otherwise might have little or unfortunately  no connection more than we often realize with Yiddishkeit. “It was absolutely unbelievable,” an organization that has been around for over 45 years ago and continues to do in Thanks to the Blessings from HaShem. “We were able to serve hot meals and give food packages to every person that came. Everyone was served with a smile, and at no cost to them. We turned away no one!” with a great many people showing up for the sedars each night at  Beth Shifra’s  Pesach headquarters,2102 ave T, in Brooklyn.

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