This week’s Torah portion discusses the laws of childbirth, laws of circumcision and the leprosy curse.

When a lady gave birth she would wait for 33 days if she gave birth to a boy and 66 days for a girl in addition to her two weeks noted for the ritual status of a menstral period. When the purification period for a son or a daughter is complete she will bring to the priest a yearling sheep for a burnt offering and a common dove for a sin offering. During this time of waiting to be come pure a wife wouldn’t have any physical relations with her husband.

On the eighth day a Jewish child’s (baby boy’s) foreskin shall be circumcised.This is called the Bris Milah. The family is invited to their local synogague and a man who performs the ceremony is called up to the head of the synogague. It is said that during the time of circumcision Elijah the prophet comes to visit the synogague. If you would like additional information on this topic please contact us.

The leprosy curse involved the priest’s examination of the skin of an individual. If the person has the curse s/he will be brought to the priest and will be examined to see where and how the blotches appear on the skin and to what extent it penetrates the skin and clothing. The examination should be for both a woman and a man. The clothing is examined and so is the individual for the impurity. The clothing should be examined and quarantined for seven days. If the mark remains and continued to spread on the clothing after seven days than it is marked unclean and must be burned in fire. If the article on the material has not spread the mark will be scrubbed and quarantined for an additional seven days. If one reads on in this portion they will find additional laws regarding this article of clothing. A person has to be careful with regards to how they dress and address themselves and others. A person who receives this curse has been involved in speech that was idle. Speech that is spoken about others is idle and shouldn’t take up of our time. A person who makes them self busy in such a discussion to just “know” about others and makes it their business is not justified. The first discussion about “lashan harah” talking bad about others is mentioned in the Garden of Eden. The serpent spoke to Eve (Chava) “lashan harah” evil speech. The serpent is exactly what evil speech reflects. It starts off as a crawl like the serpent a snake inching slowly but slowly into the conversation and than just when you think you have heard your piece it attacks with it’s tongue and thrusts venom as it’s punch line. The venom makes your conversation sound almost justified because it leaves such a strong taste in your mouth to hear more and more… It is understandably very hard to stop oneself from learning about the evil ways of a friend or neighbor but think in the end … Will it help you be a better person? Lashan Harah = speaking bad about friends or family or neighbors or all of the above can destroy marriages, friendships, shidduchim (potential matchmaking dates)

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A person not only needs to be careful in the clothing that they wear but also in the matter of their speech.

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