1.         What is the name of the parsha?  What does it mean?
2.         Why is the word specified (by a ‘the’)?
3.         Why does Aaron bring a calf for his sin offering but not his elevation offering, and for the Jewish people, the order is reversed (their elevation offering is a calf)?
4.         What are the signs of a kosher animal?  Is there any significance to them?
5.         What are the signs of a kosher fish?  Bird?
6.         Why are laws of kashrus placed in this parsha?
7.         Who is killed in the parsha? Why?  Are they praised or degraded?  What was their father’s reaction?
8.         This parsha contains the middle verse, word and letter of the Torah – can you locate them, (bonus what is the significance of each)?
9.         To whom did Aaron teach the halacha of a 1st day mourner eating from offerings?
10.       For what mitzvah does Hashem say it was worth taking us out of Egypt?