In this weeks Torah portion the following areas are discussed: laws of burnt offering, laws of Mincha offering, offering brought by Aaron and his descendants, sin offering, guilt offering, peace offering, portion of sacrifice that is entitled for cohanim (priests), gathering of the Jewish people for the anointing of Aaron and his sons and the anointing of the tabernacles and its contents.

Moses brought Aaron and his sons in front of the Jewish people to anoint them.

1. He immersed them in a mikvah.
2. Moses than dressed Aaron with the tunic
3. belted him with the sash
4. put a robe on him
5. placed an ephod over it with its belt
6. tied the belt
7. placed the breastplate on him
8. inserted the Urim and Thumim in the breastplate
9. placed the turban on Aaron’s head
10. placed the gold forehead plate on Aaron
11. anointed the tabernacle and everything in it
12. sprinkled some oil on the alter seven times
13. anointed the alter and all its utensils
14. anointed the washstand and its base
15. anointed Aaron by pouring oil on his head
16. Moses dressed Aaron’s sons

” Dressed them in tunics
” Girded them with sashes
” Fitted them with hats
Sin offering was brought (details in the portion outlined)
Burnt offering was brought (details in the portion outlined)
Blood of sacrifice distributed onto various parts of body.
The anointed oil was mixed with the blood of the offering and sprinkled on the vestments of Aaron and his son.
Eat a portion of the sacrifice at the entrance of the tabernacle specifically the (Ohel Moad).

Moses instructed Aaron and his sons that they shouldn’t leave the entrance of the tabernacle for seven days. These seven days was the inauguration period. All of the actions conducted above were repeated for seven days.