1.         What verse opens the parsha –what is so not unique about it, that it thereby special as a result?  What does the verse mean?

2.         What is the title of the parsha?  What does it mean? Is it used in other contexts?

3.         How does this explain what is bothering Rashi here? And is there a common meaning?

4.         Where did all the stuff in the parsha come from?  More particularly, where did they acquire it all?  E.g. cedar trees. – not so common in a desert.

5.         What is the etymology of the term Mishkan – and how does this reveal its purpose and essence?

6.         Did Hashem ‘speak’, so to say, in the Mishkan?  From where?

7.         Which and how many threads were in the strings for the Mishkan covering?

8.         How makes the best nut-nest cookies?  Are they a patchka?  Are they worth it?

9.         How many coverings did the Mishkan have – what were they?  Are there any which cannot be replicated today?

10.       How was the Aron (Ark) constructed?  What can we learn from the way its composition was made to appear?

11.       What was in the Aron?

12.       What was on the Aron? Where was the Aron placed?

13.       What was unique about the Menorah, and therefore so difficult that Hashem had to help make it?

14.       Which vessels had ‘crowns’? why?

15.       How many holy days do we have this week? Which and when?

16.       Is there anything we should be developing, or focusing on at this time?



-Beth Shifra Crew