In this week’s Torah Portion the offerings given to make the temple are discussed. These are the following articles discussed at length: Ark, breast plate, table, Menorah, tabernacle, beams, cloth partition, Alter and Enclosure.


The ark was a very special place in the temple. It held the tablets to which contained the Ten Commandments. The whole population was asked to donate material. Everyone joined in and participated in the opportunity to donate. The heads of the tribes decided that they would wait and donate what ever was lacking. They waited and waited. In the end each tribe was able to donate a stone for the breast plate.


People can look at charity as being bothersome. Their are people that push off doing acts of kindness. We should learn from this torah portion that if you are asked to assist or give of your time for a worthy cause … jump at the opportunity. One should try to assist as much as possible. Many times we think we can accomplish the task later.


A father had gone out of town for 2 weeks. He had a family and a wife that stayed in the states while visiting Israel. The mother of a certain family in the community mentioned that it would be great to invite this family. On sunday the mother said that she would invite the family for friday night. On monday she still didn’t get around to it. Than on tuesday she pushed it off. On shabbos she remembered that a call was supposed to go out to the family. It was to late! Sometimes we push things off to long! When one is given the opportunity to do a mitzvah we got to jump and have vigor added to the mitzvah ( good deed).

Have a great shabbos!

Have a Sweet Shabbos

-Beth Shifra Crew

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