To get us all in tuned to this week’s action-packed parsha Beshalach, here are some points to consider:

1.         Where is there a song in the parsha?  What inspired it, and why was it only sung then?  Do we learn any halacha from this?
2.         Who sung and how?  Did anyone not sing? Why?
3.         What is unique about the way the song is written in a Torah scroll?
4.         Who led the Jews into the sea?
5.         What ‘Holiday’ Inn did the Jews stop in on their way out of Egypt?  Where did this originate, and where do we see it resurface? paralleled?
6.         How did the Jews find their way by day and by night in the uncharted desert wilderness?
7.         Does the Chumash tell over the downfall of Pharoah and his nation merely to triumphantly conclude their chapter, or  did it serve any purpose?
8.         How many days did the Jews take to get to the sea?  On what day did the Egyptians begin to pursue them? What day did the catch up?  What was unique about the third day of the Jews escape and why?
9.         If the animals in Egypt had been destroyed by the epidemic and the hail fire, where did they get horses for their chariots?  What does this show us?
10.       How were we able to feed ourselves in the desert for so long?  How did our food come?  How did it taste? How do we commemorate this?
11.         Why is the verb ‘traveling’ used in reference to the Egyptians pursuit of us, written in singular?  Where do we a similar idea regarding our people?
12.       How were the Jews told to fight the Egyptians?
13.       What did Moshe take out of Egypt with him?  Why didn’t this happen earlier?
14.       What other important birthday/new year should we prepare ourselves to receive this week?
15.       Which nation brazenly came out to battle with the Jews, despite their world-shaking salvations? Did we do anything at this point to instigate this suffering?  What mitzvah resulted?  How did we battle them?

Good Luck And Good Shabbos Beshalach may we all sing of victories to come!