This week’s torah portion discusses the incidents that happened along the route exiting Egypt: splitting of the sea, crossing of the sea, song, miriam’s song, bitter water, manna, Sabbath, water from the rock and story of Amalek.

The Jewish people exited Egypt with a heavenly cloud guiding them. At night the pillar of cloud turned into a pillar of fire. This provided a light for them to travel in the evening as well. The pillars never left the sight of the Jewish people in their journeys. When the Egyptians became aware that the Jewish people left Pharaoh harnessed his chariots and ran after them. The Jewish people were scared and thought that they may die. Moses reassured them that all was OK. Moses told the Jewish people that G-d will fight for them and that they must remain silent. They than proceeded to the red sea. The sea bed was transformed into dry land. The waters were divided and the Jewish people walked through a land that had to the right and left walls of water. The Egyptians continued to run after the Jewish people even though much water stood before them. They drowned in the water and out came the praises and songs of the Jewish people. They were rescued from Pharaoh and all his men. It was the sister of Moses named Miriam that gathered the ladies and started to dance.

They continued on their journeys into the desert. Again, the Jewish people turned to Moses and asked for water and than food. Moses in turn cried to G-d to send them water. After, the water they requested food. Everytime, a complaint was logged Moses prayed to G-d. In the evening food was gathered enough to satisfy the needs of your household. Each mourning the people gathered what they needed. On Friday, the Jewish people gathered a double portion of food. This double portion of food was utilized for the holy day of Sabbath. G-d gave twice for the day of rest (Sabbath) would be held. The food wouldn’t rot or spoil for it would stay fresh only for the day of restful the other days of the week the food would melt away. It was this day that the food remained fresh. This food was sent to the Jewish people for 40 years till they came to inhabit the land.

Today, the Jewish people also observe the Sabbath. Every Friday evening we relax and eat what was prepared before Friday evening. Would you like to learn more about the Sabbath? Visit this link.

Have a great Shabbos!