This week’s Torah portion discusses seven plagues that were brought onto the
Egyptians. Moshe Rabanu/ Moses(The one who led the Jews out of Egypt’s bondage)is told from G-d to tell the Jewish people that they will become free men and will leave Egypt.

The Jewish people were under severe bondage they didn’t have the opportunity to place much though into what Moshe had said because of their workload.
They were to busy thinking what had to be accomplished for their day’s assigned bondage duties.

Moshe had said, “because of their hard work and broken spirit they wouldn’t listen to him”.

Hashem (G-d) told Moses to speak to Pharaoh the king of Egypt and he will let them leave. Moses had said how could I confront Pharaoh if my fellow Jews will not listen to me? Than, he mentioned in addition that he had a speech defect.

As Jewish people, we have always had issues that have confronted us but we plowed ahead and didn’t let it get in the way. We may feel uncomfortable… and that’s ok. What ever happened to our ancestors in the Torah is a sign to us. We can understand by Moshe that he to was human. We all have feelings and insecurities. That’s a human trait. If Moshe discussed it with G-d than how much more so we to can acknowledge our insecurities to someone who cares for us. You can discuss this with a parent, grand parent, friend, teacher, Rabbi, principal, social worker and so forth.But, in the end we must be aware that like Moshe an answer was given that self-esteem is important and must not be overlooked. If we don’t feel comfortable doing something talk it out and speak about your issues.