Hold on to your chumash, here we go:

1.What is the first mitzvah given to the Jewish people?
2.  If the Torah is a law book, why didn’t it start from here?
3.  What other mitzvahs are given in this week’s parsha?
4.  What animal was used for the Pesach service?
5. How was it to be prepared?
6.  How was it to be eaten?
7.  What day did they take the Pesach? What day was it slaughtered?  What day did they leave Egypt?  What day did they cross the sea?
8.  Why did they leave with bread that was unleavened?
9. Did they leave with anything else?  With anybody else?
10. Did anybody not leave?  What happened to them?
11.  What was different about the plague of darkness from the others?
12.  What does the word Pesach mean?
13.  Who was affected by the plague of death? How were the Jews spared?  What mitzvah resulted from this?  What unexpected animal is included and why?
14.  Who is obligated in the mitzvah of Pesach?  Who is barred?
15. If there is a mitzvah incumbent on all to slaughter the pesach, then how can a whole household join together on the same animal (as the verse says – and there is a halacha that for a kosher shechita, only one person can perform the slaughter)
16.   What sign did Pharoah have that assured his that the Hebrews would not escape successfully?  What really unfolded?
17. By the command to obtain a pesach offering, why does the Torah two words that mean to take?
18.  In leaving Egypt the Torah uses the phrase ‘in the midst of this very day’ where else does this expression appear and what does it imply?
19.  At what occasions do we recall our redemption from Egypt?  Why?
20 .  Where do the verses “What is this?”  and “what is this service to you?’ reappear?  and who are they attributed to?