It is in this week’s Torah Portion that we read about the last set of plagues to hit the Egyptians, the laws of the Passover sacrifice,law of circumcision is discussed,the eating of matzah, tefilin (the words are inscribed in a box worn by men on the arm and head) and the laws of first born male.

The Torah discusses in depth about how the Passover sacrifice should be eaten. It should be eaten during the night roasted over the fire. It should be eaten with matzah and bitter herbs. It should not be raw or cooked in water but only roasted over fire.The Jewish people were told to take the lamb on the tenth of Nissan (Jewish month) and slaughter it on the 14th. Why 4 days? Only in Egypt the Jewish people were given four days. It was durring that time period that the Jewish men bussied themselves with circumcision ( Bris Millah) and the Passover sacrifice. It was this sacrifice’s blood that the Jewish people placed on their door posts. G-d passed over the houses that had blood on the door posts durring the killing of the first borns. A Jewish family places a mezzuzah on their door posts. Every Jewish family should place a Mezzuzah on their door posts. The Mezzuzzah signifies the connection a Jewish family displays on their doorposts to the association with the presence of G-d in ones home. (If you don’t have one please visit your local Jewish Bookstore)

None of the food should be left over till the morning. If their is anything left over it should be burned in the fire. Even the way it should be eaten is explained your waist should be belted and shoes on your feet. These laws pertained to the first Passover night given to the Jewish People.

The matzah should be eaten for seven days. No house should have bread in it. This is a law for all times:to eat matzah and not have bread in the house for seven days.

Many years later we still upkeep the holiday of eating matzah from the 14th day of the month till the evening of the 21st day.

We need to understand that the laws we were given were not just in the time of Moses but is relevant and continued in today’s day and age. It is important that every Jewish person has the opportunity to eat matzah for this duration of time. They understand the meaning of the holiday that we were taken from a land of slavery and free!

The sacrifice was a huge test for the Jewish people. Imagine they were slaves and working long back breaking hours. They were asked to take the god of the Egyptians and sacrifice it. This was a huge test. They were slaves! One would think they would be scared of what the Egyptian masters would afflict on them if they would carry out this order. In the end they accomplished this task and were not killed by the Egyptians. They left Egypt with this tall order under their belt. This order let the Jewish people know that their leaving Egypt was miraculously from G-d. The future generations have this story in the tefilin which is worn on their arm and forehead.

Many instance we are given tall responsibilities from the Torah. Like to keep Sabbath. It is very hard for many people to tell their boss I must leave for Sabbath. Even if they are given the opportunity through laws that allow us to leave. Many Jewish people are asked to complete a project by a specific dead line and find that Sabbath’s times constrict with their opportunity to make a living. It is the sodalities that take us by surprise. When we least expect it we have to put our guard up. Yes, you can leave and have a good Sabbath but make it a great one and make sure you leave on time and don’t need to rush into Sabbath. See, if you can remind your boss a day before about your leaving early. If they have work to give you to make up for the time your missing let it be given to you sometime before your scheduled dismissal time.

Have a Great Shabbos