This week’s Torah portion the following topics were discussed: itemization of the materials utilized in the temple, clothing worn by the (high priests) breastplate, robe, tunics, head plate, all the work was given for Moses to inspect and the actual moving day is given for the materials to be brought into the temple.

This is the last portion in the book of Exodus (Shemos). The Jewish People will have the Bais Hamikdah (temple) constructed in Israel during the time of King Solomon.

Come – Let’s get our hands into this week’s parsha ….

1. What is the name of the parsha? What does it mean? What is it about?
2. Why did Moshe need to count everything before the people? What can we learn from this?
3. What order did Moshe relay the building of the Mishkan? What order did Betzalel build it? Why?
4. When did the Jewish people first receive the instructions to build the mishkan? What day was the Mishkan first erected? When was it erected for good? Did anything else major occur that day?
5. How was the Mishkan erected (by whom)? What can we learn from this?
6. Why does the parsha open by repeating the words “these are the countings of the Mishkan, Mishkan of testimony” and what does this phrase mean?
7. What is the last word in the parsha/book of Shmos (Exodus)? Doesn’t verse 36 say that the cloud would lift off of the Mishkan when they traveled? So what is meant in verse 38, that the cloud would rest on the mishkan during their travels?