This week’s Torah portion discusses the song of Moses’ (Haazinu), presentation of song and Moses death.

What is the song?

The acts G-d did for the Jewish people in the dessert.

G-d protected the Jewish people in the wasteland (dessert). He is compared to an Eagle. G-d acts as an eagle hovering over its young (Jewish People) spreading his wings and carrying them on his pinions. He carried us over the earth’s highest places.

What did the Jewish people do in the desert to anger G-d?

They made sacrifices to demons and non-gods.

What did G-d do when the Jewish people rebelled?

G-d hid his face.

Who are the enemies?

The enemies are from places like Sodom (evil) their grapes are poison, wrapped in bitterness and with a serpent’s venom.

When will the Jewish people wake up?

They will wake up when their evil enemies will no longer possess any more power. The Jewish people will then say where is (our) G-d?

How many times did Moses say the song?

Three times:

1. To those around him.

2. To the elders.

3. To the entire nation.

Who stood by Mose’s side when presenting the song?

Moses went with Hoshea son of Nun. (He was one of the spies who went to check out the land of Israel.

What did Moses tell the Jewish people after the song was completed?

Moses warned them that they should pay close attention to all of the words.


So that they can properly instruct their children for future generations

What was the warning?

That the children need to keep all the words of the Torah carefully.

How will the Jewish people long endure on the land of Israel?
If the Jewish people embrace the Torah as their lifestyle!

What did G-d tell Moses to climb?

The Avarim Mountain to Mount Nebo.

Where was this located?

In the land of Moab facing Jericho.

What did this allow Moses to do?

See the land of Canaan (land of Israel).

What will happen to Moses on the mountain?

He will die!

Why is Moses going to die?

He broke the faith with G-d in the midst of the Jewish People at the Waters of Dispute. This is the location where the Jewish people came at Moses for not having water in the dessert. (After the death of Miriam)

Moses should have instilled more faith in the Jewish people at the time of this outrage. We all have our days and sometimes we may do something horrible against a friend or a family member. We must see that our anger gives the other side an opportunity for repentance. G-d gave Moses a punishment but didn’t take away a dream. Moses traveled through many trials and tribulations and still had an opportunity to see Israel. We must give each other an opportunity to understand their mistakes. This time period is called “ten days of repentance” – days between Rosh Hashanna and Yom Kippur.We look into the good of others and ask forgiveness from those around us for any evil acts committed to one another. Moses could have died with out ever seeing or touching the land of Israel. G-d gave Moses the opportunity to still see the land of Israel before his death.