This week’s portion discusses the following topics: The leadership of Joshua, Moshe writing the Torah, obligation to read the Torah every 7 years and the reason for HaAzinu.

What does Moshe remind the Jewish people?
That he is 120  years old and that he will not cross the Jordan with his brothers to the promise land-Israel.

Who will lead the Jewish people across the Jordan?
G-d will lead the chosen people and will protect the Jewish people so don’t be afraid.

Who did Moshe summon in front of all the Jews?
Joshua. He told him in front of all that he should be strong and brave. He told his brothers that the to should be strong and brave.

What did Moshe do after the nation was told he wouldn’t continue?
He wrote down the Torah and than gave it to the tribe of Levi and to the elders of Israel.

What will happen every 7 years?
On the holiday of Sukkoth on the second day after Shmitah this same Torah should be read to all of the masses: men, women, children and converts. This will cause them to have awe for G-d and will ensure that they keep all the words of the Torah. Their children who will not know will learn and listen and have awe of G-d.

What did Moshe and  Joshua write together?
G-d told Moshe and Joshua they should write a song together it is called next week’s portion called HaAzinu. This song will be a witness for the Jewish People. This song should be memorized so that when the Jewish people enter the land of Israel a place of  milk and honey and tremendous bounty the evils of sin shouldn’t digress them from their obligations to serve and fear G-d. G-d promised our ancestors: Abraham, Issac and Jacob that they will be brought into a land of milk and honey. The Jewish people will eat, live in luxury and be satisfied. They will have it all!

Why did G-d ask Moshe and Joshua to write this song?
The Jewish people will be tempted by the gentile nations to assimilate and join them in their worshipping of other gods and therefore, it will cause them to be punished and exiled.

Did Moshe doubt that the Jewish people will sin after his death?
He was the leader of the Jewish people and had encountered many rebellious acts. But, he constantly prayed for them.

Where was this scroll placed?
It was placed in the Ark and Moshe said that it will serve as a witness.

Who was the scroll read to?
The elders and law enforcement individuals were personally gathered with out the fanfare of trumpets.

The entire song was than read to the entire Jewish people.