This week’s portion discusses the following topics: The covenant, curse not to keep the covenant and the rewards of keeping the covenant.

What is the covenant?
The decrees and commandments that are written in the Torah.

Is their a way in which a Jew is obligated to accept the covenant?
With your heart and soul.

Who did G-d make this covenant with?
Those that were present and all future generations of Jews. (G-d’s covenant was also for all future generations including those present thousands of years later like our generation in the Jewish Year 5773 and English date 2011!)

What will be the reward if the covenant is kept?
The  Jewish People will receive blessings:
His chosen nation the Yidden- Jewish people will return to their promise land, survive and flourish. The land will itself be happy and show healthy signs. The soil will produce great vegetation and rejoice with the Jewish people. ( Many laws pertain to the field and the obligation that farmers had and still have in working the land of Israel in accordance with Torah Law)

What example is given on how the Jewish people wouldn’t keep the covenant?
They will rationalize to themselves that they need to try the ways of the idolatrous nations. If they don’t know what they are missing than they will have a hunger.  If they taste the Non –Kosher ( all of the assimilation that comes with tasting the non-kosher let’s ponder on where it may lead one…. intermarriage, disassociation with one’s roots, anti- religious sentiments, anti – Jewish and wanting to eradicate their soul’s thirst for Judaism from inside themselves)
Story: Before WWII many Jewish people wanted to taste the Good German Lifestyle and so taking a book reading a bit and than attending their University was a common phenomenon. These Jewish youngsters saw nothing wrong with dabbling in every pocket of non- Jewish lifestyle. These young naïve Jewish men than attended their assimilated social events. When the Jewish men came home wanting to intermarry they expressed to their mother for example, how they worked hard to assimilate and finally this is the ultimate step to becoming a German. The mother in one story told her son that you can assimilate into their ways but you shouldn’t marry them!  The mother told her son you will regret that final move. He didn’t listen and at the end of this story the Jewish Boy lost all connection with his roots and his wife did all she could to give him a pure German life with out any association to Judaism. He was a perfect German and than Hitler came to power and reminded all of these assimilated Jews that they were still Jewish!  The German who gave up his roots for a taste of modernism, temptation and lust ended his life with exile and mostly devastation.    To what accomplishment did this man give to his Creator and what will he be remembered for in this world by the Torah?
(Both men and women can  convert to Judaism but, the problem is that one isn’t suppose to convert due to a lover but out of a deep sincerity in  wanting to become a Jew and keep it’s entirety. ) It’s also important to use caution when going on diff. Jewish singles web sites to find one’s mate. Just because it’s Jewish doesn’t mean that all the singles are actually Jewish even though, a great majority probably are. It’s your job to ask and do some checking before you rationalize that she’s great or he’s great. One should check them out and feel great about the relationship from the beginnning.
It says in the Torah/Bible that the same person will rationalize to themselves saying that if they can only taste the good life….. To which is the (non-kosher way of life) than they will know what they are missing and it will give their body the temptation it’s lacking and thereby, eventually return to G-d.
G-d said that this type of thinking will destroy you and cause your exile/devastation!

What is the curse if the covenant isn’t kept?
The Jewish people will be exiled from their land and the land will be unable to produce anything. G-d will not be able to provide the Jewish people with the blessings pertinent with the promise land given to our ancestors: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

What answer does the he Torah say about that the Jew that may say the Torah isn’t for him?
The Torah isn’t in heaven! It’s not too mysterious. It’s not in another location/continent. It is something that is close to you. It is in your mouth and in your heart!