This week’s portion discusses the following topics: first fruits, removing of the tithes, declaration over the removal of tithes, concluding the commandments, written stones, blessings and curses, the covenant and Moses’ final words.

What will the Jewish people do when they plant produce in the land of Israel?

The first of every fruit of the ground must be placed in a basket and dedicated to G-d.

Where was the fruit taken?

It was brought to the temple after shavouth.

How would the farmer know what was the first fruit?

The owner would mark the first fruit to ripen by tying a piece of papyrus reed around it.

What kind of fruit was taken?

The fruit was taken from the seven species.

What will they say when presenting the food?

My ancestor was homeless, went to Egypt became a great powerful nation. The Egyptians were cruel to us and imposed harsh slavery, cried out to G-d and G-d heard our suffering. G-d brought us out of Egypt with miracles. He brought us to this area, giving us this land flowing with milk and honey. The farmer than says, “I am now bringing the first fruit of the land that G-d has given me.” The basket is than set down before G-d.

What will happen when the Jewish people cross the Jordan?

The blessings and curses will be announced on two mountains.

What happened on Mountain Gerizim ?

The blessings were relayed.

What tribes stood on this mountain?

Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, Joseph and Benjamin.

What happened on Mountain Ebal?

The curses were relayed.

What tribes stood on this mountain?

Reuben, Gad, Asher, Zebulun, Dan and Naphtali.

What did the Levites do?

They relayed the following curses:

1. Curse is the person who makes idols and the people responded on both mountain tops Amen

2. Curse is the person who shows disrespect for his father and mother.

3. Curse is the person who moves his neighbor’s boundary marker

4. Curse is the person who misdirects the blind

5-6. Curse is the person who perverts justice for the foreigner, orphan and widow.

Curse is the person who lies with his father’s wife and violates his father’s privacy.

7. Curse is the person who lies with any animal.

8. Curse is the person who lies with his sister whether she is the daughter of his father or mother.

9. Curse is he who lies with his mother-in-law.

10. Curse is he who strikes down his neighbor in secret.

11. Curse is he who takes a bribe to put an innocent man to death.

12. Curse is he who does not uphold and keep this entire Torah.

They relayed the following blessings:

If you obey G-d carefully keeping all his commandments

1. Be the highest of all the nations of the earth.

2. Blessed will you be in the city.

3. Blessed in the field.

4. Blessed will be the fruit of your womb, fruit of your soil and the fruit of your livestock.

5. Blessed will be the food your food basket and kneading bowl.

6. Blessed will be when you come and blessed will be when you go.

7. If enemies attack G-d will make them flee from you in panic. If they attack again they will flee from you in seven directions.

8. Granaries and other endeavors will be blessed in the land.

9. The Jewish people will be established as his holy nation. (As Promised)

10. Grant us good surplus in the (fruit of the womb, livestock, land).

11. G-d will open his good treasury in heaven to give our land rain at precisely the right time and to bless everything we do.

12. We will be able to lend to other nations and not have to borrow.

13.G-d will make us leaders and not followers.

Cursed will be if you don’t follow G-d carefully in keeping with all his commandments and decrees:

1. Cursed will be in the city and in the field.

2. Cursed will be your food basket and your kneading bowl.

3. Cursed will be the fruit of your womb, fruit of your land and calves of your herd and the lambs of your flock.

4. Cursed will you be when you come and go.

5. G-d will send misfortune, confusion and frustration against you in all that we undertake. This will destroy you and make your rapidly vanish because of the evil ways.

6. Calamities will pursue you until they destroy you (drought, debilitating disease, fever, delirium, sword).

7. G-d will scatter you among the nations from one end of the earth to the other.

8. It says in the Torah word for word the exact issue Jewish people had faced in WWII>>>> You will try to sell your selves as slaves and maids but no one will want to buy you! Your life will hang in suspense. Day and night you will be terrified that you will not believe that you are alive.

Others are mentioned please read inside for more info.

How many covenants did the Jewish people make with G-d?

Two: 1. Horeb (Ten Commandments)2. Moab (Today’s portion)

What was Moses’s final words?

Moses told the Jewish people to remember all that G-d had done for us.

a. G-d performed great miracles in Egypt.

b.G-d brought us through the desert for forty years. Your clothing didn’t wear out and shoes didn’t become tattered.

c. We defeated Sichon king of Cheshbon and Og king of the Bashan.

If you safeguard the words of G-d’s covenant and keep them you will be successful in all you do.

Russian Language Torah Information: Chaim the tapes that are on our Judaism page... commented that this week’s portion with it’s calamities and observations can be best summed up from the Vilna Gaon ZT”L (A famous Torah Scholar) Sage said that each one of the torah portions is connected to a hundred years. This portion is connected to the time period of WWI and WWII. Next weeks Torah Portion is a reflection on what is happening post WWII (in Today’s day and Age) The movement to return to Judaism. Please click in for next week’s Torah Portion.