CategoryHalacha (General Jewish Law)
Date Posted3 Jan 2005
The QuestionI was cicumcised in a hospital by a Jewish doctor (probably not on the 8th day)and therefore did not have a bris and official naming.I have two questions related to the above, must I undergo a version of a bris and do i need to be ‘re-named’? Furthermore, is there any implication arising from the above regarding my wedding and children?This site is invaluable.Thank you. —Anonymous, USA
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Question No.488
CategoryHashkafa (Jewish Thought/Philosophy)
Date Posted15 Oct 2004
The QuestionAt the time of a bris the custom is to give the name to a child and to wish him “Keshem shenichnas lebris ken jikones lechupa ulemasim tovim….” I heard once that what we are in fact wishing the child is that he should be able to “develop his potential that lies in his name so that his name in this world (earthly name) should match his “heavenly name”. But how does somebody know what lies in his name. And is this wish “realistic”? Otherwise how would the rabbi explain this brocho? What is it that we are wishing the child (in terms of “Potential”) according to the Rabbi? Thank you very much for your response. Anonymous, Zurich, CH
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Question No.358
CategoryHashkafa (Jewish Thought/Philosophy)
Date PostedEarly 2004
The QuestionYou discussed the idea of “developing your potential” in last weeks shabbos drasha and in the past. As we know the name of a person is expressive of his qualities and capabilities. My question is: How do I know what my capabilities are? How do I know what my purpose is in this life? Shall I look at my name and then look in chazal what that name represents? In addition at a bris we give the name to a child. Does that mean that whatever name we choose, his name will represent his qualities? Anonymous, US
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