In this week’s Torah Portion these are the following topics: noach, flood, post flood, noahide laws, rainbow, noach’s children, tower of babel and abraham.


Noach lived in a corrupt world. A world filled with violence, immorality, , oppression, outrage and oppression. Noach was a righteous man in this generation and was told that he would be picked for an important role.

God told him to build an ark for the land is filled with evil and will be destroyed. The ark will contain three decks: (Top)Noach and his family, (Middle)animals/ birds, (bottem) food & garbage. The ark will be slanted on the top, contain a door and a skylight. The length should be 300 cubits, width 50 cubits and height 30 cubits.

The flood lasted for forty days and forty nights but the downpour subsided after 150 days Noach didn’t leave the ark for a whole year! The destruction lasted a whole year. The ark landed on the Ararat Mountain which is in Turkey. The Ararat consists of two mountains: The great Ararat 16,016 feet high and Little Ararat 12,840 feet high.

God made a covenant with Noach that there will never again be a flood to destroy the land through the sign of a rainbow.

The world was unified to overthrow God utilizing their common language. They decided to build a tower that would reach heaven and take out God. After this act the people were dethroned from their tower and punished. They were scattered all over the earth and afflicted with babel a world with many different and confusing languages).

Noach’s sons were Shem, Ham and Yefeth. From them came the 70 nations and 70 languages. Ham didn’t act properly with his father and therefore, was cursed. (Castrated or sodomized his father).

The Jewish people come from Shem as his descendants are known as the Semites. Ten generations after Noach came Abraham. Abraham married Sarai.

Have a Sweet Shabbos

-Beth Shifra Crew

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