In this week’s Torah Portion discusses the following topics: creation, man’s first sin, woman’s curse, man’s curse, expulsion from Eden, Cain and Abel, first – tenth generations from Adam (first man) and Noah’s children.

What did G-d create on the first day?

The heaven and the earth – Daylight and Night.

(Good Morning and Good Evening)

What was created on day two?

Separated the water below the sky from the water above the sky.

What was created on day three?
Dry land and Seas. The concept of vegetation was created. Trees producing fruits and plants.

What was created on day four?

The lights that shine outside Earth: sun, stars and moon.

What was created on day five?

G-d created the birds and fish.
All the particular species of living things that crawl and every particular species of winged flying creatures. The Leviathan – the huge whale.

What happened on day six?

G-d created man, woman, land animals, beasts of the earth, particular species of livestock.

What blessings did G-d give man?

1. That he should be fertile and become many.

2. Fill the land and conquer it.

3. Dominate the fish of the sea, birds of the sky and every beast that walks the land.

What did G-d instruct man about?

That the seed bearing plants, seed bearing fruit from trees, beast of the field, every bird of the sky, everything that walks the land, that ahs in it a living soul and all plant vegetation shall be food. (This blessing was for all of humanity except the Jewish people. Jewish people have restrictions on what is permissible to eat hence the word kosher)

What did G-d create on the seventh day?

G-d declared this day to be holy for it was this day that G-d ceased from all his works.

Where did G-d place man?

G-d planted a garden in Eden.

What was in this garden?

Trees both for beauty and those that beared fruit. In the middle stood the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge.

What was the Tree of Knowledge?

It was the tree of good and evil.

What was the first man’s (Adam) job in the Garden?

Man is called ish.

To work and watch the field.

What did G-d tell Adam he couldn’t do?

Eat from the Tree of knowledge.. if he does he will die.

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How was man, wild beast, bird of heaven created?

Out of the ground. (Therefore, a Jew is burried in the ground hence from where we were created)

Was man created differently?

Yes, G-d breathed into his nostrils a breath of life.

How was the first woman (Eve) created?

Man’s name is called (ish).Her name is Ishah.

Because she was taken from man. G-d took one of Adam’s ribs to create (Ishah)

When a man meets his zivug (soul mate-marriage partner) he leaves his parent’s home to be united with his partner/wife. This partnership forms one flesh. (Hence the creation of (Ishah)

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