The serpent was a wild beast who asked the (ishah) first woman a cunning question. He wanted to get her to sin. He didn’t approach Adam (ish) the first man but the woman. He asked her if G-d really said not to eat from any of the trees in the Garden of Eden. He tried to arouse her curiosity. Before, the serpent came along Eve was happy with all that she had and didn’t have any reason to question anything. She was satisfied with all that G-d had given her. Eve revealed to the serpent the rules and punishment associated with the trees. The serpent was trying to reinterpret G-d’s restrictions. He wanted to temp Eve to sin. Eve needed to think and was encouraged by the serpent that maybe she didn’t understand G-d’s rules correctly. The serpent tried to using his cunning ways to convince her to do wrong. Eve’s intentions clearly were not for bad. They were for good. She knew the rules not to touch or eat. She believed in the rules and wouldn’t sway from them. It was the serpent that questioned her knowledge on the rules. It was this type of questioning that caused her to sin. The serpent told Eve that if she eats from the forbidden tree she will not die because G-d wouldn’t want that. The serpent continued to say the intentions of G-d. G-d wants you to eat from it so that you can be all knowledgeable and understanding of G-d’s ways. Once she ate from the forbidden fruit she also gave of it to her husband. The cunning snake teaches Jewish people a real important lesson. The snake used his cunning ways by false reasoning to persuade eve to sin. Eve used her charm to persuade Adam to sin by eating from the forbidden fruit. Both parties are responsible for their deed. We learn from Eve that it is important to ask questions about G-d’s rules and regulations: Torah (Jewish Bible). The Torah is the guide in how Jewish people live their life. Another book that is read on certain Sabbath’s of the year in the afternoon is (Pirkei Avos) Ethics of our Fathers that gives Jewish people guidance. This behavior of Eve may also be reenacted in our own life styles You may be a husband, wife, a guy named Jason, or a girl named Sharon or a wife named Rivka… you need to learn to ask questions on what your asked to do in this world….What is their responsibilities as a Jew in 2009 ..Jewish Year 5770. The Jewish religion respects questions. In fact we encourage participants to ask questions about what they learn. If you have questions make sure you ask a Rabbi or Rebetzin. It’s important that both ladies and men ask questions. We see here that Eve didn’t question her rules. She just accepted them. Let us all learn that questions are important for both men and woman. We all need role models to look up to. Let’s call our local synagogue and find out when the next lecture will be given or Torah class. Look at our Jewish Web Links page to read about other Jewish topics or choose another area of interest. Load a discussion onto your mp3 for free!