In this week’s Torah Portion these are the following topics: purchase of Makhpleah Cave, burial of Sarah, finding a wife for Isaac, marriage of Isaac, burial of Abraham.


The torah portion is called the life of sarah. The portion starts with the death of Sarah. How did she die? The picture from last torah portion of Isaac being sacrificed was shown to Sarah by the evil inclination. Upon this scary picture of her son being bound and ready to be served her soul left her and at 127 her life expired.

Abraham chose to purchase Makhpelah Cave as a burial property from Ephron the Hitite for 400 silver shekels. This was called the doubler cave. It had two levels. Accroding to tradition Adam and Eve are buried there. Many people come to Israel and pray at this site in Chevron/ Hebron see pictures of this holy site.(This sounds like $400 USD for the cave. The amount that was given for this land value at this time was highly excessive. According to the Hammurabi Code at that time a year’s wage for a man was between six and eight shekels. Jeremiah paid for a property as large as Makhpelah Field only 17 shekels. (This information was found in The Living Torah by Rabbi A. Kaplan) Abraham made sure that the purchase was made not in private but in the presence of all the children of Heth at the city gate. This was now the uncontested property of Abraham as a burial site.

Abraham asked his senior servant Eliezer to make an oath between God and Abraham that he would find a wife for Isaac. The conditions were as follows: 1. She cann’t be from Canaan and only from Abraham’s native land. 2. Isaac isn’t to come with you or return to my native land. 3. An angel will help you find the appropriate wife.

The miracle of finding the appropriate wife came about as soon as Eliezer arrived in Aram Naharayim the city of  Nachor. The picture was as follows: Eliezer and his 10 camels are resting at the well on the outskirts of the city in the evening. The women would go out to draw water at this time. Eliezer prayed to God and asked for a sign to know who the one is destined to be Isaac’s wife. The sign was shown through Rebecca the daughter of Milcah the wife of Abraham’s brother Nachor. Rebecca said to Eliezer to drink from her jug of water and when he finishes that she will aslo draw water for all of his camels. Eliezer than took out a gold ring and two gold bracelets a total combined value of 10.5 shekel close to a year and half’s worth of work see above! For example, if today your city’s mean value of yearly income is 40, 000 the jewelry was like 60,000$USD.Eliezer asked if there was any room to stay in her place and she said yes. Rebecca told her family what had happend. Eliezer told the family that he came to their land to find a wife for Isaac. Eliezer was given permission to take Rebecca and gave precious gifts to her brother and mother. In the morning they left and went to meet the groom. When the two met they maried and she consoled him for the loss of his mother.

Abraham gave all that he owned to Isaac and sent away all his other children from Isaac. He lived a total of 175 years. He was buried in Makhpelah Cave. Listen to The Mitzvah of Eulogizing the Dead andComforting Mourners by Rabbi Z. Leff..

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-Beth Shifra Crew

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