The Torah portion Chukkat discusses: the red cow, miriam’s death and the lack of water, Moses’s and the incident with the rock, battle with Edom, death of Aaron, battle with Sihon.

What happened when Miriam (Moses’s sister) died?
There was no water after Miriam died. It was in her merit that the miraculous well (of water) followed the people throughout their travels in the dessert.

How did Moshe (Moses) receive water after Miriam’s death?

G-d told Moshe to speak to the rock and it will bring forth water enough to drink for both themselves and their animals.

What was this placed called?

Waters of strife. Moses and Aaron (Moses’s brother) will not be able to enter the land of Israel because of this incident.

Why did Moshe receive a punishment?

Moses gathered the Jewish people around the rock and hit the rock. According to the commentaries, Moses was supposed to speak to the rock and not strike it! Another commentary mentioned that Moses spoke angrily to the rock.

Did the Jewish people complain?

Yes, they said to Moses that the conditions are disgusting and that the food is not acceptable. G-d sent poisonous snakes against the people. The snakes bit the Jewish complainers. The people than returned to Moses and said pray on our behalf for we have spoken negatively against you and G-d.

What did G-d tell Moses in reply to the snakes?

He told him to make a copper snake. It should be placed on a high pole. Whenever, a snake bites a man he should look at it and will live.