This week’s Torah portion discusses: the lighting of the lamp, inaugurating of the Levites, Passover in the desert, Tabernacle, Trumpets, Journey from Sinai,Chovev, Jewish people cry for meat, pleague, miriam recieves leprousy for speaking evil about Moses.

G-d told Moses to speak to Aaron and tell him to light the menorah.

Q: How was the Menorah made?

A. The menorah was made of a single piece of beaten gold. The beaten gold ranged from the base to its top. This included a flower directly above the vase.

Q.Did the Jewish people offer the Passover offering while in the dessert?

A. Yes. G-d told Moses in the Sinai Desert in the second year of the Exodus from Egypt to prepare the Passover offering. The date and time of day was given to Moses: “the offering shall be given on the 14th day in the afternoon”. (If one was impure (when one comes in contact with the dead) he couldn’t prepare the offering on this date and needed to reschedule)

Q. What happened if a person was away on business or impure and didn’t have an opportunity to make the offering in the first month?

A. He will have an opportunity to prepare an offering in the second month on the 14th day. He will eat it with Matzah and bitter herbs.

Q.What was the age range of a Levite?

A. The Levite worked from age 25 to 50. Each Levite had been assigned an appointed task.



Q. How did the tabernacle travel?

A. During the day the tabernacle had a cloud covering it and in the evening a fire.

Q.How did the Jewish people know to move on while in the desert?

When the cloud remained over the Tabernacle the Jewish people encamped in the arena. When the cloud rose up it was a sign that Jewish people needed to move.

Q.What were the trumpets utilized for?

A. The two silver trumpets were made out of beaten metal. The trumpets were sounded differantly depending on the occasion. A long note was sounded to gather the entire community. The community would assemble by the entrance of the Communion Tent entrance.

If a long note is sounded on only one of the trumpets it is a call for the princes to assemble. (More blowings are discussed)

On the days of rejoicing, festivals, new moon celebrations a trumpet should be blown.

Q. Why was their a plague on those that craved meat?

A. They complained bitterly and cried to Moses saying that all the luxuries received were not enough for them. They wanted to receive meat. G-d called Moses and was told to assemble the 70 elders of the land. G-d informed them that meat will be received for a whole month. The Jewish complainers will receive so much meat that they will die from it as well. They died in a place called “Graves of Craving” (Kivroth HaTaavah).

Q. Why did Miriam receive Leprosy?

A.She spoke evil to Aaron about Moses on his receiving prophecy. She felt bad that his wife didn’t have a lot of personal time with him. When Moses received prophecy he separated from his wife. Miriam felt that Aaron (Mose’s brother) would have an influence on him if Moses understood that it may be affecting his wife. Miriam compared Moses to the other individuals who also received prophecy. She mentioned that the other men didn’t separate themselves as long as Moses had done. (Moses was on a different level than the others that received prophecy.) If Miriam was punished for trying to help her brother how much more so is one punished when they are utilizing speech to hurt another or to benefit one’s own purpose. Next week we will look at the difference between Miriam’s action and those of the Meraglim (spies sent to the land of Israel).