Teves is the tenth month of the Jewish year and it is 29 days long. The mazal for the month is a goat.

Events of Teves

The month of Teves began on the seventh day of Chanukah.

On the 8th of Teves King Ptolemy of Egypt forced 72 sages to translate the Torah into Greek. The miracle that King Ptolemy witnessed was that each sage confined in a different location translated the Torah exactly like all the others. Therefore, nobody can say that the Torah (Jewish Bible) is made up but all divine and with the same words. They all made the same significant changes in order that the Greeks would pervert any possible ambiguities. This was a sad day for the Jewish people for it was as tragic as the day of the Golden Calf. For it caused between us and G-d many veils. He wanted to lower the Torah in the eyes of the world making it lowly and degrading. The King wanted that Judaism should be secularized and on par with all other cultures and wisdoms.

On the 9th of Teves two great leaders who struggled for the Jewish people died. Ezra Hasofer and Nechemya brought the significant numbers of assimilated Jews back from Babylon to Israel. These Jewish members had intermarried and were almost a broken link in our circle. They were so far from their understanding of Judaism. These members were spiritually uplifted by these leaders and came back with an intensity and a deep yearning to build our holy second temple. They left their spouses and came home. We have many beautiful uplifting prayers that we have today that Ezra Hasofer (the scribe) made for eternity to help us in our exile.

The 10th of Teves is also called Assara B’Teves. This day of fasting happened in  the first temple in our Jewish year 3336 and in the non-Jewish Year 425 BCE. King Nevuchadnetzar King of Babylon attacked our beloved city of Jerusalem. In the third year he broke through the walls and entered our city. The city walls were breached in the Jewish month of Tammuz 9 in the year 3338. On the 9th of that year, the Temple was demolished. The Jewish people were exiled to Babylonia for 70 years. It was in Babylonia that the Jewish people were so assimilated that intermarriage was a significant problem read above about Ezra Hasofer and Nechemya.