This is the eleventh month in the Jewish year. The sign for this month is a vessel filled with water.

What happened in this month?

Shvat 1: Mosses/Moshe the Jewish leader began to review all of the torah with the Jewish people in the dessert.

Shvat 15: The Tu Bishvat the birthday of the trees. Many have the custom of enjoying new and varied fruits to appreciate the kindness and wonder in creation. There is even a type of

TuBishvat ‘seder’ paralleling the Pesach seder, with four cups, a story, songs and the whole bit, which is sourced in kaballah, and popular among Chassidim.  People plant trees on this day all over Israel. This is a special day for the land of Israel. The fertility of the land is blessed on this day.

Shabbos Shira  and Parshas Shekalim are in Shvat.

The songs that the Jewish people sang at the splitting of the  yam suf (Story of Passover) is called Shiras Hayam. This song is sang on Shabbos Shira which falls out in the month of Shvat.

There is a custom that people leave bread crumbs for the birds before  Shabbos Shira.

Parashas Shekalim is read on the last Shabbos in Shvat. This is the portion that we read in which every Jew was commanded to give one half-shekel for the sacrifice in the temple.

Rabbi Leff about Tu Bishvat and the connection to creation.