Happy Beth Shifra Purim Reading. Read the Sabbath Portion before Purim. 

Russian and English


The Purim Story in English was written by the Brooklyn College Beth Shifra Club for the newspaper.


Acheshvarosh rose to power.

Married the princess.(VASHTI)

Acheshvarosh kills his wife.

Advisors suggest a beauty contest.

Esther a Jewish Girl is chosen. Her identity is not revealed to anyone.

Esther is told of a plot to kill the king by her relative Mordechi. She informs her husband.

Haman a high ranking official in Acheshvarosh’s party wanted all the citizens to bow to him. He would wear an idol on him.

The Jewish people ARE not allowed to bow to idols. Haman was upset that the Jewish people couldn’t bow to him.

He asked Acheshvarosh permission to kill the Jewish people for their uniqueness in being different. Acheshvarosh agreed.

He made a gallow and told all the nation how Mordechi the Jew would hang one day on this noose.

Mordechi informs Esther of evil Haman’s plan. Esther makes a party and invites Haman. She informs Acheshvarosh of evil Haman’s plan to kill the Jews. Acheshvarosh than understands the true meaning of evil Haman’s plan. Haman is killed on the gallows he prepared for Mordechi. We dress up on this day and attend synagogue services. The story is read in synagogue. Jewish families should attend synagogue (both the evening and morning) and listen to the miraculous story our ancestors survived. Children make gragers(noise makers) in school and bring them to synagogue. When the name of evil Haman is mentioned the noise makers are put into action. It’s a very entertaining and meaningful day.We also prepare a food basket of two different kinds of foods to distribute to our friends and family.

Submitted by BC Student affiliated with Beth Shifra