Happy Shavous to all our family & friends.

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The Shavuous Portion in Russian and English

Beth Shifra’s  Torah Portion  Emor  and the connection to Shavous 

14th of Iyar: Second Pesach A person who didn’t bring a sacrifice and eat the marror and matzah had another opportunity on this day.

*Sefiros (Safire= Clarifying) HaOmer

  • From the second night of Passover while still in the month of Nissan we start the counting to Shavuoth. This is the holiday of our acceptance of the Torah in the Jewish month of Sivan.This period of counting is called the counting of Sefiros HaOmer.
  • Most of the Crusades happened during this time.
  • Days of Purification
  • The students of Rabbi Akiva were stricken during these days during this intense judgment.
  • The Mitzva of Loving our Jewish Neighbors as Ourselves is crucial at this time getting us ready for accepting the Torah.

*Rabbi Leff on the Connections between  Sefiras HaomerSefiras HaOmer and the Mitzva of Loving our Neighbors as Ourselves