On  the evening of Sunday, July 23, the nine days of mourning start for the Jewish people. The nine days lead up to the destruction of the temple occurring on Monday July 31, 2017.It is on this day that we fast the Ninth of Jewish calendar month AV. This was a very sad day for Jewish people through out history. We fast from the evening of Monday, July 31 -Tuesday, August 1, 2017. Many synagogues through out the world give lectures and read the megillah (book of Eicha). This was about a prophet (a high priest) who foresaw the destruction and begged the Jewish people to repent. He even ran to the Jewish people while they were in the mitts of exile (with their chains on being led out of Israel) and told them if you had only listened. Today, we can understand the calumniates of destruction and death a lot more than ever before. The explosions of 9/11/2001 and mass bombings in Israel are just indicators that destruction can happen and that each person has tremendous opportunity. They can use their energy for evil (9/11) or for good (like donating blood etc…) The prophet is still warning us of our need to work on our actions. If you have time to do a deed call up an organization today and volunteer. Every organization needs your time and could do with an hour a week etc… Many students during the summer sit and play games and chat on the internet. Give up an hour of that time and do something that can make a difference for you and some one in need of help. Call your teacher from school or local Rabbi for some brainstorming ideas of what you can do this summer to make a difference.

Rules for the day can be found clicking this line/link.

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